Eightieth Anniversary Poem


Oor West Lothian Branch juist turned echty,
Aul’er than maist o’ us here,
An’ naebody minds, noo, fit wye it began
That day in her very first year.

A meeting was held in the Masonic Hall
That’s in ‘Lithgae, divn’t ye ken,
Far twenty or so willing dancers
Decided the ‘whit’ and the ‘when’.

Ower the years dizens mair came alang
Tae jine in wi’ a jig an’ a reel.
Bairns claisses were sterted; we’d Festivals too,
Annual Dances, demonstrations as weel.

Some folk passed awa’, an’ ithers – they left,
But the stalwarts kept chavin’ on
An’ we’d mair than twa’ hunner members
Fun oor lassie reached twenty-one!

A gran’ Ball was held for her 25th,
In the Assembly Rooms, nae less,
An’ some VIPs frae the Society
Turned up in their poshest dress.

As the 40th came roon’, (a decline in the Branch)
For the dancin’ nae one had time!
But a few keen folk encouraged some mair
An’ oor lassie wis noo in her Prime.

Her Golden year wis a huge celebration,
Wi’ a reunion, day trip and weekend,
(Oor Marjorie taught at the Summer School!)
Then we’d a Burgh Halls dance at the end.

The 60th and 70th went by in a flash
An’ twa new dance books got written,
Mair reunions; badges were made –
An’ a Chairman’s Regalia seemed fittin’!

So the years hae gaun by an’ we’re a’ gettin’ on,
An’ there’s nae mony young folks aboot,
But we’ll cairry on jiggin’ as lang as we can
An’ enjoying oorsels – there’s nae doot!

So here’s tae oor grand auld lady
Fa brings us freens thegither,
For she’ll still be here in anither ten year
West Lothian Branch for ever!!
[Translation for those who don’t understand the Doric:
Minds = remembers
Fit wye = what way (or how)
Chavin’ on = working hard]